Here’s the simple version: A twenty something dreamer, wandering around in a world of realists.

Here’s the detailed version: I am a young adult living in the northern region of California. I go to a fashion design school and study visual communications. I live with my parents, younger brother, and lazy ass of a cat named tiger. I like to go to San Francisco all the time (despite my school being located there. I just love the city.)

And I am a very hands on and creative person. I like to make things, it’s something I’m strongly passionate about and will be till I die. I am expressive and thoughtful. I do not sugar coat my words, nor do I filter my thoughts. Pure uncensored clarity is what you’ll get from me. I mean no harm nor offense when I do this, I believe everything should be taken as constructive criticism. Take what people tell you and let it help you grow. That’s always been a firm belief of mine.

I like old things. Vintage, things with character, oddities, things that are eye catching and make you stand out. I also like books, the smell, the feel, and the excessive amount of them. Fall is my favorite season. I love the rich vibrant colors the world embraces, the crisp chill of a breeze, rain, warm clothes, lustrous scents of seasonal candles that dance around you as the flame flickers with life. I love describing things in details, seeing and grasping things ordinary people wont catch.

I enjoy things that make your heart race, things that question you, your beliefs and views. I like magic, and ghosts, and things you find in a life of a world traveler. I like the way the ground feels under your feet as you creep through a graveyard whilst the sun dives under the horizon. I like the feeling of loss, and how it shatters your soul, I like the feeling of despair and sorrow, for it is something that the world forges in the embers of your tears, hoping to sharpen it and make it a weapon that will protect you from the future.

I want to experience this life in every shape, form and way it’ll present itself to me. Don’t sit around waiting for adventure to come to you, get out and find it yourself.

Otherwise you’ll be stuck waiting.

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