Who the heck am I?

I should probably start by warning you, I can be a pretty unpredictable person and sometimes I may either come on too strong or very lightly as well. I tend to take people by surprise so dont get intimidated or judge me blindly. Usually first impressions dont do me justice. Maybe thats why I usually depend on second impressions so much. My true colors finally begin to show and people get an idea of who I really am. Because in reality Im honestly just a major dork.

I like to say that I am a very open minded person, I dont judge people off of first glances or their past, present, actions or whatever it may be. Everything we do has a reason behind it. No matter what you are lead to hear or understand, I believe that there will always be a reason behind our actions. No matter what they are. That helped me understand one thing; people dont deserve to be judged blindly or too quick without some idea of who they are and how their lives are lived. I’ve been judged far too many times in my lifespan and that feeling tends to resonate inside my head for long periods of time. I would never want to wish that experience upon anyone.

I dont like falling into routines or following the crowd. I hate normality or blending in. Anything I do, I will do my best to stay original and unique, I always making sure its eye catching, attention grabbing, anything I am able to do to stand out. I’ve always been the exuberant child whilst growing up, Im happy to say I still am. (not a child of course… you know what I mean.)

I have a broad range of interests when it comes to asking me what I like. Usually when I discover something new, I take a liking to it and basically start enjoying things of that nature more. I will say though, I am a deep lover of books, stories and uncommon objects. I am an old soul, so anything that falls under that category always manages to tickle my fancy.

There is alot more I want to say but I feel as if Im simply just rambling on now and theres plenty of time to get to everything else later.

I hope you enjoy your time on here as much as I’ll enjoy updating it with new adventures and stories I experience.

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I'm a young adult who doesn't have a filter between my brain and my mouth. My thoughts tend to come alive-constantly- causing my perspective to change quite often. I don't know where I'm going but I know what I'm looking for. Adventure. Magic. Creativity. My words are the sharpest weapon in my arsenal and I am not afraid to use them.

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