I’m moving..

I’ve been living in the same house since I was 5. My brother was born here and basically spent his entire life in the house we live in now. But I know my mom has always wanted to move ever since she was finishing her bachelors degree up, quite some time ago. I don’t know how I feel honestly. It’s a new chapter in our lives thats for sure but is it a good one? Im sure people would say I have nothing to worry about etc etc, yet there is this strange feeling in my stomach that is making me not want to move. We’re moving from Milpitas to Livermore which is about 20 minutes or so away from each other. The house is gorgeous! It’s definitely bigger than our original house, everything is perfect but it’s not home.

Atleast not yet.

The thing about our old house is that, everything is near by. I know the area surrounding us like the back of my hand. Everything is within /walking/ distance. Which is a crucial thing for me because I love walking around and its one of my main methods of transportation. That or public transport. (i.e. busses, trains, etc) so sacrificing that to move to a new area i’ve never even explored yet is kind of scary to me because I’m leaving my comfort zone. That’s probably what’s spooked me out the most.


I become the new kid that just moved in next door. I’ll be further away from my friends and I’m not that good with making new ones off the bat. I barely socialize with the friends I have now! I mean, it makes the commute to and from school a bit shorter but that never really bothered me too much. The process of moving in general is too much to handle. Especially since we’re moving during the holidays and I have to balance school within everything that’s happening now. I’m getting anxious just typing all this out..

My brother has to move to a new highschool for his senior year. He wont be graduating with his friends. Mainly because he’s too lazy to bother with going back and forth just to finish up his highschool career. Apparently it’s not worth it to him.

Anyways. I’ll be updating on the happening as they play out for sure.

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I'm a young adult who doesn't have a filter between my brain and my mouth. My thoughts tend to come alive-constantly- causing my perspective to change quite often. I don't know where I'm going but I know what I'm looking for. Adventure. Magic. Creativity. My words are the sharpest weapon in my arsenal and I am not afraid to use them.

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