Faith in humanity: Destroyed. Again.

Trigger Warning: Suicide, Strong language and fucking stupid people.



I’ll bloody fucking tell you why.

Someone wanted to jump off the bridge that overpassed the 680 freeway yesterday so the police cut off all the roads that lead to the bridge or the freeway underneath. Traffic was at a standstill till 2 a.m last night, that’s when they finally got through to this person and got them off the bridge. It was insane, they had a truck with a huge mattress in it to catch them incase they did jump and was mobile to catch them if they moved along the edge of this high bridge. Again, TRAFFIC WAS AT A DEAD STANDSTILL. I honestly feel so sad for this person and hope they find peace this season, I understand how life can drag you down so low to the point where you feel as if killing yourself is the only way out. But I swear to you it will get better, it will ALWAYS get better. Just be patient with yourself. And god bless the men and women who worked together to get this person to safety and never giving up on them either. It makes my heart warm to know they exist in our godforsaken world.


Moving on to STUPID PEOPLE. All the people I spoke to were pissed off, some say traffic was honking at the cops to hurry up so they can get moving. All over my facebook wall were posts saying how they should have tranquilized the person trying to jump to make the process quicker and how they were annoyed that it took about 3 hours to move between a distance that usually takes 10-15 min to cross. I HOPE YOU ALL BURN TO ASHES (I usually never wish ill fortune on people but this time is a sole exception) This person was about to KILL THEMSELVES. Can you beeeeee any more selfish!? It’s the fucking holidays for godsake! Show some sympathy!! IF IT WERE YOU IN THIS PERSONS PLACE YOU WOULDNT HAVE SAID SHIT SO SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU POMPOUS IGNORANT ASSHOLE. I am so tired of these ill-natured humans walking this planet like they own the ground they walk on. It’s a pain in the ass to deal with them on a daily and I am fucking tired trying to right the wrongs they make in effort to keep the peace.

I am sorry for blowing up. It’s been bothering me all day and all last night. I needed to vent. dont hate me for it.

On a side note: If ANY of you need someone to talk to. I am right here. Im a very good listener and I will do anything i can to help you through your problems or if you just need someone to vent to. Or even a friend! Please please PLEASE do not ever hesitate to contact me.

I will gladly give out my contact information to anyone who needs it if only ask.

I love you guys.


*and breathe*

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