Heavenly Pedestal

You think it’s just a name?


It’s who I am.

This position, was my own fault.

My own personal hell.

As I stand with the weight of the heavens

on my shoulders,

I realize that the humans forget

who’s holding them up.

They forget who’s holding this cracking,

withering world together

as they continue to destroy it.

Though I try to keep my hands steady,

even Titans loose their grip sometimes.

Sooner or later my strength will falter

and I will fall.

And there will be no one left

to catch you then. // Atlas – d.r.g

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I'm a young adult who doesn't have a filter between my brain and my mouth. My thoughts tend to come alive-constantly- causing my perspective to change quite often. I don't know where I'm going but I know what I'm looking for. Adventure. Magic. Creativity. My words are the sharpest weapon in my arsenal and I am not afraid to use them.

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