FIRST TIME at NorCal Renaissance Faire!

Yeah, you read that right.

On October 10th me and my parents traveled back in time as we drove to Casa de Fruta, the infamous venue for none other then the Northern California Renaissance Faire. I’ve never been before but I’ve always seen pictures and heard people talking about it. And I have wanted to go for as long as I can remember. You can only guess how excited I was when they agreed to go with me. Now, they don’t really like doing this type of stuff, so it meant alot when they agreed. I just wanted them to have fun. Sadly, it was really hot that day (90 degrees man, it was scorching!), despite the weather reports. So there was some sluggishness, some sweating involved, and me worrying over them quite some bit. Never the less I did enjoy the faire quite alot.

When you enter this place, it’s like a whole lot of different things hit you at once. There were people from all over the place, dressed up from royals to lower than peasants.

They sure acted like it too.

There were knights and their pages. Witches and warlocks. Gypsies and your local street performers. And those you’d find in dark alleyways. There were also a bunch of faire brats. Which I later found out are the kids of those who work at the faire .

They had entertainment in each corner, musical skits and comedy shows, dancing on stages and parades through the faire. There was also fencing lessons, hair braiding, henna, jousting, all sorts of booths set up for shopping and food and drinks as well.

I can tell you that majority of the crowd was drunk more so than acting like it. But it just made things much more amusing.

I’ve always loved the idea of traveling back in time, with the way these events are set up. Renaissance and Victorian era are two of my favorite time periods. And being able to experience them in a way where as if I was living back then, really means so much to me as a person. Being able to embrace my fantasies and ideas validates my belief system which basically is saying that you are never too old to do the things you love, or seek out new adventures to go on. We were there a total of 4-5 hours so we saw everything there was to see, grabbed something to eat and did a bit of shopping ( I spent most of the time going into the trinkets shops and dress tents before they had to pry me away. I just wanted everything!) before we went home.

Oh yeah! The crown on my head? I made myself. And it was a total hit with the towns people! Loads of compliments on it! I’ve gotten a couple people ask me where I got it, treat me like a loyal because well yeah im, wearing a crown. Don’t worry I was shocked too. I’ve even gotten some, come up and touch it in shock when I explained that it was made of foam and how I manipulated it to look like metal. Nifty right? And it’s totally light so I didn’t get hot with it on. (I did get called a witch at some point but i only grinned mischievously and cackled as I walked away, further encouraging their suspicion. You know me.)

But that was all the glorious-ness of my first time to the faire. Successful to say the least and I am definitely planning on heading back again next year.

Was it worth the trip? Without hesitation.

(I’ve included some pictures under the cut, take a look if you’d like!)

IMG_3997 IMG_4003 IMG_3994IMG_2654 IMG_3993 IMG_2655

IMG_2661  IMG_2668IMG_3988IMG_4007

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